Lungs Like Gallows
I am Nick. I'm 22 years old and an Education Major. I love Star Wars, Tattoos, Legend of Zelda, Cats, Vegan Food, and Punk music.
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Trackname — People = Shit
Artist — Slipknot
Album — Iowa
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The end of Have Heart, Edge Day 2009.

A REAL SADDEST DAY!!! The break up of Have Heart….
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Raining Blood!!!

From A Lacerated Sky

Bleeding Its Horror

Creating My Structure

Now I Shall Reign In Blood!!!

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Trackname — Raining Blood
Artist — Slayer
Album — Reign In Blood


Deadened branches stirred by whispers in the wind.
Fall children fill the streets at dusk, at last, it all will begin.

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Trackname — Fall Children
Artist — AFI
Album — All Hallow's (EP)
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First N.W.A picture in 25 years. Salute.

"niggas with arthritis"
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Trackname — Coming Undone
Artist — Korn
Album — See You On The Other Side
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Code Orange
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